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Rhenus Pharma Logistics:

Reliable, temperature-controlled pharma logistics

Correct and timely delivery is always important but in some industries, such as pharma, it is required.
Rhenus Pharma Logistics is specialised in the correct pick-up, temporary storage, transport and delivery of pharmaceutical shipments. Rhenus' global network of own offices and selected partners guarantees the safe, secure and consistent handling of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments, based on the GDP guidelines.


We Offer

Guidelines and qualified partners

A key aspect in pharma logistics is meeting the needs and guidelines of the various stakeholders in the chain. Rhenus meets this requirement, with a trained team of specialists responsible for safeguarding your pharmaceutical products throughout the entire supply chain. The Rhenus and IATA CEIV Pharma quality standards form the basis of the process used to select our partners along with criteria such as facilities, trained staff and expertise.


In January 2019, Rhenus obtained the IATA CEIV Pharma certification. CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) is a quality standard specifically developed by the IATA for temperature-controlled handling and transport of pharmaceutical products by air freight. The CEIV Pharma programme is based, among other things, on the GDP guidelines (Good Distribution Practice).

Temperature-controlled logistics

Pharmaceutical products generally require a temperature-controlled logistics chain, so it is imperative to monitor the temperature throughout the supply chain. Rhenus Pharma Logistics offers passive as well as active temperature-controlled services and can attach data loggers to the shipments, which guarantees accurate temperature monitoring of the pharmaceutical shipments. The Rhenus Pharma Logistics' location at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has temperature-controlled rooms (2-8 °C and 15-25 °C) equipped with sensors that provide a 24/7 monitoring system.

Speed in the logistics chain

Limiting the number of steps in the logistic chain, working with qualified partners, a certified location and innovation are crucial aspects in creating an optimised supply chain.  For example, the location of Rhenus Pharma Logistics at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has direct airside access. This unique access ensures that ULD build cargo is available for airside airport transfer much faster than that of other logistics services providers.

Pharma Gateway Amsterdam

Rhenus is a member of the PGA (Pharma Gateway Amsterdam). The goal of this community is to make Schiphol the best pharma airport in Europe.  See https://pharmagateway.nl/

Your Benefits:

  • Compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practice)
  • IATA CEIV Pharma certified
  • Temperature-controlled facilities including temperature-monitoring system
  • Passive and active temperature-controlled solutions
  • Temperature data recording during transport and analysis
  • Direct airside access with cross-dock facilities
  • Global compliant Pharma network
  • Risk management
  • Customs control and security screening in own facilities
  • Specialised staff for handling of Pharma products


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